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Insight brings us together

Our mission is to support business leaders at every stage of their growth, through a bespoke set of consultancy services.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is very simple, we want to make every one of the companies we work with as successful as they can be.

We are not just guns for hire, rather we are trusted partners who operate from a detailed understanding of your business, its ambitions and its potential

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Our Approach

Jefferson consultants cover many disciplines and offer expertise in all areas relating to business strategy and change management. That said, we’re not simply ‘guns for hire’. Instead we look to work as trusted partners who operate from a detailed understanding of your business, ambitions, and your readiness for change.

Once this insight is available, we’ll bring in specialists to offer their informed opinion – or to run parts of your business until the right talent becomes available. This we do as part of an exclusivity agreement, giving you access to unrivalled cost-efficiencies and our full range of consultancy services.

Our Values

  • Partnership – Jefferson Consulting exists to complement and extend your business in a spirit of close collaboration and shared endeavour.
  • Honesty – we’ll always give you the best advice, even if that means including a few home truths along the way. It’s what we’d want to hear.
  • Empathy – most of our consultants have occupied senior positions within their field in the past, and can fully identify with the challenges and frustrations our clients experience.
  • Knowledge – making a difference means helping you see the world from a different perspective, and providing unique insights to broaden your awareness.
  • Trust – we understand that our word truly is our bond, and can be relied upon to always represent your best interests.
  • Enthusiasm – yes you’d expect this as standard, but we really do care about our clients – and do everything in our power to inspire their future success.
  • Sensitivity – many of the areas we get involved with require a delicate and sympathetic approach, and you can rely on us to provide it.


Jefferson Consulting, the independent consultancy for founders and CEOs of young and ambitious companies.

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