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Transforming what is possible

Person-centred coaching programmes that provide you with the tools to unlock your future possibilities.

Step One

Identify current emotions, thoughts and behaviours

Step Two

Recognise perception rather than truth

Step Three

Embrace the possibility of a different approach

Step Four

Play with possibilities that come with this approach


Establish new emotions, thoughts and behaviours


Informed coaching tailored for you

Using a person-centred coaching approach, the transformation coaching programme provides a forum for you to explore your beliefs and behaviours.

The process enables you to identify how your pre-reflective emotional responses drive your thoughts and imagination, creating behaviours and identity. Underpinned by research, the coaching enables you to move from what is, to what is possible, transforming in an embodied manner.

Informed by research, the coaching programme utilises theories of embodiment, neuroscience, emotions, and identity. However, the focus and form of each session is driven by you.

We work together to identify the way that you best embrace change and then find models and processes that will help you to engage with future possibilities.


Sustainable programmes that deliver results

Coaching is often described as dynamic and transformational, whilst only really focusing on surface level ‘will power’ to try and make significant changes. So often this is not enough to really embrace change. This coaching programme enables deep and sustainable transformation to take place. Pivotally you are in control of the process, supported by appropriate tools and techniques.

Each session will focus on an area of your choice, you will be invited to consider the areas that you wish to develop, and we will work together to explore what your choice of future possibilities might be. We will explore your preferred way of managing change. You might prefer rigid targets to achieve your goals or prefer a more exploratory manner, with more of a focus on the journey than on the outcome.

Change can feel daunting, however, the right coaching process can make transformation an empowering and enjoyable experience.


Where emotion, imagination, thought and action meet

Neuroscientists know that we have neural pathways in place, wiring our behaviours. These neural pathways have an emotional ‘firing’ component that mean that it is important that the coaching process takes into account your emotions, imagination and thoughts, as well as focusing on actions.

Combining all of these components means that the coaching programme can help you to consciously seek out new ways of responding and behaving.

The process doesn’t necessarily require significant reflection. Instead, it is important to acknowledge that any current state is potentially the product of pre-reflective responses and patterns of behaviour, and this acknowledgement and acceptance allows for future transformation.

The sessions are experiential with a focus on playing with possibilities to enable you to comfortably feel your way through change. Tools and techniques will be discussed to support you in navigating through the transformation process in an enjoyable way.

Designed for success

Giving you the tools and techniques to achieve real world success

This programme has been developed over 25 years of practice and research, working to support people to develop. At its heart is the belief that we can navigate life to find the best way forward no matter the challenges that we face.

Our lead coach, Dr Fiona Wilson has created and delivered national and master’s level qualifications in coaching and has worked as a personal coach in a number of environments including elite sport.

As a specialist in managing change, organisational culture, and leadership, Fiona is able to bring a strong practical and academic understanding to the coaching process and help you to develop yourself and your organisation.

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