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Enabling greatness

Delivering a sustainable business model means looking after your most prized possessions: the people that make it all work.


Inspire a vibrant workspace

With our background in nurturing and inspiring industry leaders, we understand what makes them tick, what they’re looking for, their aspirations, and their frustrations. It gives us a unique view of mental health and wellbeing, which we put to good use when assessing and measuring wellbeing and resilience.

As for outputs, what we all appreciate is that a happy and healthy workforce is the foundation for a thriving business. That’s why we offer a range of services – including tailored support via coaching, workshops and masterclasses for trainers – to help ensure each individual has the tools and skills needed to excel in their work.

Service one

Inspire progress: wellbeing workshops

Our health and wellbeing workshops and resources are all designed to improve the outlook, energy, and performance of your employees. These are created by leaders in the field, and are highly interactive, fun and engaging, whilst also being informative and educational.

We’ve also designed the workshops to be open to all. The hand-outs, toolkits, podcasts and webinars available offer support and resources that can be accessed by even the hardest-to-reach employees. Therefore it’s not a one-time engagement, but rather an on-going process where individuals are free to explore areas of particular personal interest.

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Service two

Inspire progress: virtual wellbeing academy

As part of the support we can offer your people, Jefferson Consulting provides a collection of impactful wellbeing programmes. More specifically, these are highly interactive, engaging sessions that combine deep insight with practical techniques for helping employees overcome a range of personal and professional challenges.

Priority areas covered include:

  • Virtual wellbeing: how to optimise physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Resilience: guidance for bouncing back through challenging times
  • Financial wellbeing: practical steps for taking control of your finances
  • Mindfulness: insights for cultivating awareness, calm and focus

Service three

Inspire endurance: resilience training and support

Resilient people demonstrate great flexibility, high energy, mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level – so it makes sense to promote this quality! To help in this regard, our resilience training provides practical strategies, diagnostics, tactics, and tools to bolster mental, emotional, and physical resilience – across teams, managers, and leaders.

The training itself focuses on the ability to recover from adversity, to feel stronger, and to better cope in challenging situations. What your employees receive for their investment in time are a series of skills that can be put to practical use, alongside knowledge for assisting fellow colleagues.

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Service four

Inspire engagement: annual wellbeing plan

A service that enables you to access all the support needed to secure employee buy-in, foster greater engagement, and deliver a higher level of wellbeing and resilience within your organisation. Delivery is straightforward: you simply select the appropriate support, training, products, and services needed to complement existing initiatives.

Your list of options will include:

  • A Wellbeing Audit – to identify strengths and development areas
  • Annual wellbeing consultancy – to confirm success criteria and ROI
  • A selection of online tools – featuring assessments, workshops, training, coaching sessions, webinars, toolkits or podcasts
  • Our support in internal meetings – to provide expertise and insight
  • Guidance on project communications – to secure buy-in and engagement
  • Project management – to ensure the smooth planning and roll-out of your initiatives

Jefferson Consulting helps clients think about the future state of their business, about how it’s organised and how operations are managed to deliver well-defined strategic objectives.


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