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Getting your voice heard in a crowd

Providing you with bespoke strategic support to build and develop your sales and marketing activity and provide real world results within local or international markets.

We work with local market and international businesses to help them define, implement, and manage organisational change and deliver effective growth strategies.


Where insight and experience meet

Our consultants offer specialised expertise, advice, and guidance to organisations to improve their marketing strategies and initiatives. We help businesses grow more efficiently by developing and implementing multimedia marketing plans, addressing sales challenges, and ensuring that organisations get their voice heard.

We asses and analyse an organisations current marketing efforts, strategies, and challenges. We then deep dive into you market, target audience, competition, and relevant industry trends.

Based on this assessment we collaborate with the relevant business leaders to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your organisation’s goals.

This is an objective approach which will include a broad mix of the most appropriate mix of both traditional and digital deliverables.

We identify and segment the target audience, thereby ensuring that the marketing efforts are directed towards the most relevant and receptive customer groups.

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Supporting you every step of the way

Brand building and positioning: Providing guidance on developing or refining key elements of a company’s brand identity and positioning in the market.

Traditional campaign planning: The design and management of marketing strategies that effectively communicate with a target audience.

Digital marketing strategies: The planning of digital campaigns including SEO (search engine optimisation) content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.

Social media strategies: Recommendations for building and maintaining a strong presence on social media platforms to connect with the audience and promote brand awareness/

Analytics and conversion: Understanding the importance of tracking and measuring KPis to evaluate the success of marketing efforts and make data-driven adjustments.

Lead generation and conversion strategies: Strategies for generating leads and converting them into potential customers to optimise the sales funnel.


Jefferson Consulting, the independent consultancy for founders and CEOs of young and ambitious companies.

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